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So ONE wrong does make a right!

While swinging my coat up onto the hook located on the back of our door, my phone went flying out of the pocket, and hit the ground at the worst angle possible.

Dang-it.  So...the good news is that the phone still works...at least I'll be able to get all my phone numbers and pictures off it, which is much nicer than when my Droid 2 fell in the toilet, and never turned on again, and I couldn't get important things off of it. The bad news is that each time I slide my finger across the screen to open the phone, I worry I'm going to slice my finger open.

The even better news is that now I have an excuse to get a new phone!  Since we switched to a pre-paid plan, there is no 'countdown' to a new phone. 

It won't be here until next Tuesday/Wednesday...but that's not the bad news...the bad news is that my wife is currently outside trying to run her phone over with the Mazda so she can get a new phone too. 


  1. Did similar damage to my Nook a few weeks ago. Since replacement funds are not available I found a package of the screen covers and applied one. Doesn't look great but no shredded fingertips.

  2. Spend the money and get the Otterbox Defender for your next phone. My phonebounces across the floor frequently and the Defender saves it every time.