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Yes, Please. Like...Yesterday...times 2.

My geek cup runneth over today with good news this morning.

First, there is this:

Live-Action Robotech Will Be a Full Franchise at Sony.

Hoorah.  A live-action Robotech movie has been kicked around Hollywood for decades, but the rights to it have always been tied up between Harmony Gold and several Japanese Studios...but now things appear settled for Sony to grab the ball and run with it. This is going to be one of those ones where reviews don't matter...count of me being there opening day.

Then, also from www.io9.com, we have this drop dead sexy picture of Ryan Reynolds in his official Dead Pool costume.

I am very excited for this movie...mostly because I am the target audience. This movie is for my generation of comic book fan who got excited to see Ryan cast as Wade Wilson in the Wolverine: Origins movie, and then suicidally depressed with the way they treated the character. 

This is a sign that the wheel of karma will turn if you wait long enough and live a good life.

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