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You might be a Red Neck if:

We have all probably heard the term 'Kill them with Kindness'...and I think that is what the guy driving the front-loader at the nursery today was trying to do.  Yeah...he had the One Yard bucket on the front of the machine, but, he didn't seem too worried about leveling it off before dropping into the bed of my truck. 

That was very nice and generous of him...but, I was already rounding up my needs to 1 Cubic Yard, and as a result, I have a half-yard(at least) pile of compost with no current home in the corner of my yard...and I had to unload all of it out of my truck today, because the forecast for tomorrow is wind/rain...so my pick-up truck was either going to be emptied by the wind, or muddy because of the rain if I didn't empty it today.

Of course, because I want to add a degree of difficulty to ensure a high score from the Romanian Judge, I forgot that I don't actually have a wheel barrel until I went to the shed to get it.  I started out using a 5-gallon bucket, but realized it was going to take me to Tuesday at that rate.  So...like Clint Eastwood recommended, I had to Adapt, Overcome and Improvise.

Like my step-dad used to say...Work Smarter, Not Harder.  Worry not...I did take the beer out of the cooler...didn't want it getting all shaken up.  Even with that bit of Red Neck Engineering, it took more trips than I thought it would...but I got the truck emptied.

I feel I earned the beer I had after dinner(a 22oz Salted Carmel Stout from Breakside Brewing), but I had to stop at one.  It's not just the calories.  Nope...you see, in between working out this morning, and picking up the truck-full-o-dirt, I had an appointment to donate blood at the Red Cross(yeah, I know...you aren't supposed to lift heavy stuff so soon after giving blood...it's why I took a lot of trips).   That and the full days work made me a very chap date tonight.

I think I will sleep good.

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