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Need to tie a string to my finger...

It's that time of year around here where it's 55-60 when I get off work, and it feels nice to crack a window on the way home, and let some fresh air in the car.

Of course, then I get home, and forget to roll my cracked open window back up again...

And then overnight, the temperature drops down to the 26-28 degree point, and I wake and find that the frost and ice aren't just on the outside of my windshield...it's on the inside of the windshield and the steering wheel...


  1. Be thank for that 55-60. High lately here has been in the low 20's :-)

  2. Eternally Grateful, which won't stop me from complaining about Week 3 of 108 degrees in August.
    Of course, I do try to rub it to my East Coast relatives, especially when I am talking about my criminally underused guest room.