Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)



We always used to joke that NAVY stood for Never Again Volunteer Yourself...so it's  kind of ironic that I am 'hair on fire' busy right now, and it's all stuff I volunteered for.  Mostly one thing...CATS. Less than a week until our opening night, and the rehearsals are getting long and intense. We started on the actual set and wearing costumes this week...makeup starts Monday.

I do have one advantage...the route from work to our performance venue takes me by my house, so I do make sure I forget something each day so I can swing in to give  the wife and kids a peck on the cheek.

So...since I haven't had time to develop an opinion on anything this week, I'll just embaress myself by posting costume pictures! They will look much better with the makeup...maybe I'll make folks suffer through those as well next week.

This is Gus...the Theater Cat, a sad broken down cat trying to have one last taste of glory.


This is my Bustopher Jones...the fat cat about town. 

My wifes says it looks like I was eaten by a sofa...and that's how it feels.  I'm wearing a lot of padding under that suit, and the outer suit itself is basically a carpet someone sewed into a circle and added arms onto.  It weighs about 35 pounds.

God Bless Febreeze.

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