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It's like candy.

Once upon a time, I was not the biggest fan of beer.  Oh...I know. Crazy, right? 

Back in that day and age, I was actually known to occasionally drink wine coolers(I mean, I guess I could have just not drank alcohol, but I was a sailor!).  Then in 1999 that all changed with the introduction of Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Holy Moly did I like that stuff...and sneaky as hell.  It went down SOOOOOO easy...and it wasn't until you tried to stand up after drinking 4-6 of them that you realized how hammered you were.  Of course, that fact that it's light flavor set it up as a perfect summer drink, when you were already kind of sweating and dehydrating, might have helped that effect out.

I think I lived off Mike's for 3-4 summers, then I moved on to more sophisticated flavors...hard ciders, light beers, and shandy's.

Then at the store today, I saw a 23.5 oz can of Mike's Hard Lemonade...and I threw it in my basket. 

Talk about a quick way to destroy an evening.  Today felt longer than it was...we managed to cram 1.5 hours worth of work in a 9-hour day...but most of that down time was spent waiting/scheming out in the sun...it makes for a long day.  A dehydrated day.

Man, it's just like old times! 

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