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I can wait. I can wait.

The garden is almost there...I've had flowers on several of the plants(squashes, tomatoes, pepper's, tomatillo's) for a week or two now. 

Today, I found that I now have the next step past flowers.

A wee little zucchini.  With 7 plants, I'm sure it's not going to be the last.  In another month, I figure I will be drowning in the damn things.

This is more interesting to me...a cute little baby pumpkin.  It's growing on one of the small sugar pumpkin plants that I bought on a lark...in fact, this plant is my attempt at growing pumpkins in a container.  Soon I'm going to need to pick up several cheap pair of nylons for supporting the gourd as it grows. 

I think they will be easier to work with than bra's.

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