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Heck, I was going to vote for him anyway.

Hat tip to my wife on this one, as I didn't see this story when it came out earlier in the week. 

So, one of the big political deals going on in Washington right now is that Doc Hastings, an Eastern Washington Congressman for the last 20 years, is stepping down.  From a purely selfish point of view, Doc Hastings has been good for Hanford, meaning good for my job security.  Other than that, I can't really find any major things that he has done the 20 years he has been in Congress.  I guess he for the most part, he has been one of those 'Good Joe' type politicians...he holds local meetings, listens to his constituents, and by his voting record, he generally appears to vote the flavor of Eastern Washington.

Competition to replace Doc is quite fierce right now, with 12 people official candidates currently in the race.  I'm not sure the local media has decided to make up our minds on who the  front runners are for us yet, but, I already know who I am voting for. 

 House candidate Clint Didier offers to give away three guns

Now, like I said, I was intending to vote for Mr. Didier anyways, but...that didn't stop me from going to his site and registering for a chance to win.  I would link to his campaign site, but that might end up being counter-productive to my chances of winning.  Oh fine...here...like the 8 people reading this is going to drastically alter my odds...

Now, I'm not going to go say that Clint Didier is a perfect candidate.  Let's face it...in the end, the only perfect candidate for me, IS me. Even Dr. Paul, who allowed Clint Didier to introduce him during his last campaign trip to the Tri-Cities, is not perfect.  Clint is pro-life and 'marriage is between a woman and a man'...which I am not.  It's one of those situations where I am willing to take those negatives for his Smaller Government, Pro-2nd Amendment side.  I don't want anyone to think I am complacent, but I really think that Equal Rights for Homosexuals is going to do quite alright without the support of one Central/Eastern Washington Congressman.

Primaries are coming up at the beginning of August...time to make sure you are registered!

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