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Dad Chores deserve Dad Rewards.

A few(well, 6 or so) weeks ago, we bought the kids a 'swing disk' to hang from the big maple tree in our backyard.  In theory, it was an 'Easter Gift'...an attempt to justify not giving the girls baskets full of trinkets and candy(of course, Nana saw to that). 

In reality, I believe a tree swing has been a gleam in my wife's eye since we first saw the huge maple in tree in the backyard of our current house...a maple tree that was a buying point for my wife, a little bit of New England in Eastern Washington.

The wife was excited for a tree swing.  The kids were excited for a tree swing.  The only one not overly excited by a tree swing was the one who had to mount it...me.  Alas, today I finally ran out of excuses for not installing the swing.

Looks like it should get the job done.  Both girls, AND my wife were satisfied with the finished product.   I have to tell you though, having never done anything like this before, and I was quite surprised by what quality rope costs.  The rope cost almost as much as the swing seat, but I didn't want to cheap out on it just to have to re-rig it next year.  As long as I check the knots periodically, and test it with my weight, it should last until the kids grow tired of it.

As for a Dad's reward:

What a wonderful world we live in that you can get good beers in cans.  

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