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Local sailor ordered to be in court, despite being out to sea

Obviously, as a former submariner, I might be biased on this one...but as near as I can tell, the judge is being a HUGE jack-ass on this one. 

The birth mom's case on this one seems to be 'since he is out at sea, he is not raising our daughter, so I want her back'. Ignore the fact that the step-mom has been raising the little girl since she was 2 years old...I mean, it's not like this girl is being left with a nanny, or even her grand-parents while the dad is out at sea.

But, that isn't the point of this article. The point of this story is Judge Margaret Noe choosing to ignore the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to give this young man a chance to show up and plead his case...because the whole point is he should loose custody while he is at sea.

Bunk.  Crap. Poopy-kaka. 

I went looking real quick to see if I could find some history of this judge, but came up empty. 

I just hope with one of the Seattle news stations picking this up, it might draw enough attention to this case to help.  More important, if things don't go good for this family next week, I hope they KEEP the attention on the case. 

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