Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Getting there.

Had a decent trip to the range today.  The only real negative is that I got to the range without a magazine for my Marlin 60 .22....but I did have a magazine for the 10-22, which I left at home. 

Luckily, we had other guns. 

Nah, that's not what she's taking deer hunting. More on this one in a bit. 

She is doing better with the .243.  Since the last time we went shooting, I have added a Limbsaver Slip-On Recoil Pad to the gun.  Yes, it's only .243, but it's also only a 6-pound rifle, and she is not that big of a kid yet.  I'm not sure how much the recoil pad physically helps, vs. mentally helps...but it does seem to be helping.  I don't want to talk to group size, but I'm fairly certain each bullet she put down range today would have anchored a deer.  Or at least scared it.  We still have several months to go.  My goal is to get her to the range ever 2-3 weeks, for 5-6 rounds of .243 a trip.  There is nothing to gain by pounding her shoulder to pulp with a 20-round range session.

Anyway...the Saiga.  I had her shoot it a few times because when I pulled it out of the gun case, my daughter said it looked 'dangerous'...and I decided she had to use it to convince her it was no more 'dangerous' than any other gun.  The collapsible stock actually made it more comfortable for her than she thought it would be.

As usual on trips when I bring my daughter, I didn't get too much shooting done myself.  A bit out of the Saiga, a few rounds of .243 to make sure the gun is hitting where it is supposed to, a few magazines of .9mm out of my CZ, and then just enough through my muzzleloader to dirty it up, and make sure the bullet is still going where it is supposed to. 

Good start to the weekend. 


  1. She's really coming along. She's lucky to have a Dad like you.

  2. Thought the Marlin 60 had a tubular magazine ; at least mine does.

    Way to go with your daughter. Daddy / daughter range time is not something she will forget and definitely appreciate.

  3. Oh sure, make me look dumb on my own blog. You are 100% correct. I looked at the barrel real quick and in the sun(yeah, the sun) I thought the Co. at the end of Marlin Firearm Co. was a 60. I in fact have a Marlin Model 700....have had it for oh...27 years? I should know what gosh darn model it is by now. But, it's a youth model. It sat in a safe for the better part of 25 years once I out grew it, and finally brought my daughter to the range.