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What now, genius?

Along the back of our lot, we have a normal chain link fence that is roughly 5 feet tall.  Earlier in the year, in an effort to create an edible visual attraction, I plant scarlet runner beans along the base of the fence.  To keep the weight of the beans off the flexible portion of the fence, I ran twine to the top of the fence. 

Well, somewhere along the way, it's possible that I may have underestimated how tall those beans were going to be able to grow.

They seem to have outgrown my fence by a good foot...so far.  With it still being early June, I have to think they have a lot further to go.  So...do I let them just curl back down on the fence, or do I try to jimmy up some polls to 'extend' the fence upwards? 

I'll do some looking on the internet to see if it is even possible to get them to grow back down...I do know that it is not good to have them growing around each other to have them support themselves, like is going on in the picture above.

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  1. I used bird netting and some tall stakes to create the lattice for my peas. Maybe something like those fiberglass bright orange driveway markers woven into the top of the chainlink and netting wrapped around them?