Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Refreshed, Recharged, and rarin' to go.

My daughter and I both a good nights sleep in the hotel room, which was nice after the day of airports and plane's we had yesterday.

Special props to the Crown Plaza where we are staying for leaving this bunch of freebies on the bed.

Now, I'm not sure if those balms, creams, and oils really helped...but I did go to bed smelling right purdy. 

Then this morning, since the Jeopardy auditions aren't until 11:30,we(I) decided we should go out for a good breakfast, then my daughter could come back to hotel room to shower and get ready.  Through the magic of Yelp, I picked a place called The Serving Spoon

My oh my.  This was not the kind of food one could get back in the Tri-Cities.  I'm by no means an expert in what grits should taste like...but I liked the ones that came with my breakfast this morning. 

Meanwhile, my daughter decided to go big, or go home.

Not quite the traditional Chicken and Waffles...but it tickled her fancy to be able to get fried chicken with her breakfast...and I'm here to tell you, that the chicken wing I stole from her was the best chicken wing I have had...in...I want to say EVER.  The only chicken I have ever had fond memories of was a place we used to eat at in Texas called Church's Chicken...and that was several decades ago now. 

I'm tempted to tell my daughter we need to go back there tonight for dinner so I can try their red beans and rice.  It was a good, good breakfast. 

Out the door soon for her audition. Fingers are crossed.  It's going to be a tough wait for daddy...I don't think the auditions take place in a venue where I get to watch them. 

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