Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Why we can't have nice things.

Lesson for the future...when using your SOG Revolver to cut through the backbone of a deer(because you aren't man enough to get it out in one piece), don't say 'that's close enough...I'll just pry it the rest of the way'. 

Now I have an excuse to buy a new toy!


  1. A tool well broken. I would rather see a man break a tool using it then to see men who have wonderful toys... sitting on a shelf in pristine useless shape. One irks me, the other... makes me hungry for the game... and the foolish notions that sometimes fall upon men of action who see a short cut that... ends up sometimes taking longer. Blessed is man to have woes befall him, for he learns. Boy do we have a lot to learn though!

    Well, and it reminds me that we are, and can still be, boys, too. Not just men, always, knowing and sure and right. And I, for one, like that. I'd buy you one just for the vicarious joy of the experience if I could. I miss even that, mostly stuck in my cave.

  2. That would have been an ugly thing to go flying. I hope the snapped-off part stayed firmly lodged in Bambi!

    "You'll put your eye out, kid!" :D