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Can't say she doesn't listen...

A few weeks ago, I was shocked...SHOCKED I say, to see than Safeway was charging over $9 a pound for Oscar Meyer bacon. 

When I got home from the store, I told my wife what I had seen, and told her we need to keep an eye out for a source of bacon at a 'stock up' price.

Earlier today, she called me and said she found out that Albertson's had 'slab bacon' priced at under $3.50 a pound, and asked me how much she should get.  I told her 'lots', since I'm helpful.

She didn't disappoint....but then again, she never does.  I came home to find FIVE 5-pound slabs of sliced bacon waiting for me.  Working together, we burned through almost two rolls of parchment paper, most of a roll of Saran Wrap, and 100 yards of aluminum foil breaking it down into more user friendly packages to put in the freezer.

That should last a couple of months, anyway.

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  1. Bragging up your wife won't win you any sympathy. Now, enjoy your bacon and pray her hearing stays so good. :p