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Ooo...I makes a pretty!

Lazy Sunday at home today, but it wasn't spent drinking beer and watching football.

Well, at least not just drinking beer and watching football...I was watching football, drinking Duschetes Black Butte Porter, and canning up some pickled pepper rings.

Unable to find a source of just banana peppers, my wife went ahead and bought whatever she could find for a good price at the local co-op...mostly Anaheim's, but I then got my hands on some bells and sweet peppers, because I thought jars of just Anaheim's might be a little hotter than what I was looking for, which is simply a home-produced replacement for the jars of Mezetta Pepper rings that I go through on burgers, dogs and sandwiches. 

The fact that all those multi-colored pepper rings resulted in something that is actually pretty is just a side benefit.  Maybe now I won't need to hide them in the dusty garage...

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