Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


I ain't brave enough.

The Hanford site has three traffic gates leading onto it.  Right now, the work site I am at allows me to use the least busy of those, which involves a long run rest out of Richland through the desert in Highway 240. The speed limit on 240 is roughly 1/10th the speed of light, or so you would think by the way people drive. 

Strangely, police seem okay with this, and tend to stay away from the Hanford commute(although, they do show up during weekends and holidays, and Holiday Weekends).  I think they are trying to catch folks like me, who have become totally complacent of the posted 65MPH speed limit.

Now me, even during the week, I have a pretty low pain thresh hold.  I lock the cruise control in at about 72MPH, and if I catch up to someone,  I pass them.  If someone passes me, so be it.

Yesterday morning, I was bombing along at my normal speed, and gaining on a black BMW 328i.  As I got closer, and began to think about passing, I noticed he had a personalized Washington license plate, that was pretty much to the point.


Yeah...I've seen Final Destination enough times to know that the right thing to do was drop the cruise control down to about 68, and just cruise behind him until I got to the Hanford gate.

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