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I have to crank this out now, in case there is some kind of late solution that blows my mind on this Government Funding Bill. 

Truthfully, I thought we would have had a solution by now.  I figured that the Republicans would punt on this issue for now, and the dig in over the debt ceiling extension.  I'm actually somewhat impressed that they are digging in now, instead of kicking the can down the road, even if it is only a month.

However, I am unimpressed by the Republican'ts because they are digging in over a one year delay.  Once you flinched on the 'total repeal' of the ACA, why dig in over a year delay?  So we can do this all over again next year?  I was much happier with the all or nothing approach they initially adapted.

As for the Demorats, the Republican's flinched by coming down from a total repeal to a 1-year delay...now you compromise by agreeing to a 4-6 month delay.  You can agree to this based off an earlier speech by Boehner when he said one of the main Republican's objections to the ACA was a lack of information...that we were getting ready to implement it and NO ONE really knows what it means.  So...seize on those words, and offer a 4-6 month delay, which websites are established to 'learn people up.

Personally, I am the type who feels this argument is over.  The time has come to give Obama what he wants...fund his law, and in 5 year, point to what a failure it is.  Now, granted, that will cause much health care pain, but it also requires a long-term view by politicians. 

Finally...I really don't see what the Republicans think they can gain out of this.  Yes, it is making their core base support happy...but we have proven the last few years that the Republican core is not a large enough population to win an election.  At a time when the Republicans need to be moving towards the center to gain moderate votes...this isn't getting that done. 

In the end, I'm not too worried about a shut down.  Just wait until after a snow storm, and see how many government workers stay home because they are 'non essential' people.  If they can stay home when it snows, they can stay home and not get paid for a few days. 

Then things can get really exciting next month when we start talking about the debt ceiling.

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  1. That reminds me of something I heard from John Cornyn (the guy I'm not voting for his next election) on Micheal Medved last week.

    His whole thing wasn't about 'what was good for America' or anything like that.

    His entire (ok what I snapped onto) was "what will get us more votes in 2014" line of thinking.