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Well, my face is pretty smooth.

There is a difference between being considered 'cheap', and being considered 'frugal'.  I consider myself to be frugal...and even that would be debatable.  I don't mind spending money to take my wife out on a date, or to buy a nice bottle of wine...but, I will stare at the peanut butter shelf at the fridge for 5 minutes to make sure I am getting the best deal.  I tend not to buy the least expensive option(because it usually doesn't hold up to use), but I also don't buy the top of the line product.  In the end, brand names aren't important to me.  I just want something that will work, for a decent price.

A good example of that is razor's.  I refuse to use the cheap blue disposables, but dang...some of those newest fanciest 5-blade vibrating models are pricy, pricy, pricy.  I tend to buy whatever decent 3-bladed model is on sale.  Heck...I've even been known to use pink or orange razor's if those are what are available for the right price. 

Occasionally my wife will sign up for various kind of freebies online, and every so often, one of those things will actually show up at the house, and even more rarely, I will get to use it.  Last week, we received a Gillette Fusion Proglide with Flexball Technology in the mail...and man oh man,  it does give me a nice shave.  Smoother and with much less effort and grip changes than the generic Matrix-3 I've been using.

It's a nice enough shave that I took a peek at the store yesterday to see what a package of replacement cartridges would cost me...and I dang near fainted when I saw that a 4-pack of cartridges was selling for over $21!!!!!!!!   Crikey...over $5 a replacement head.  That is going to take some soul searching...and some usage tracking...can I get 2.5 times as much usage from one of those expensive cartridges as I can the cheaper ones?  If so, then it is worth it.  If not...well, fool me once, shame on you...

But, if getting a nice, easy close shave is important to you...it IS a nice razor.

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