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Long Weekend

I was out of town all weekend...the choir I am in, Mid-Columbia Master Singers, did a swing through Pullman and Clarkston, supporting the Washington-Idaho Symphony doing Handel's Messiah. 

Things were made slightly more logistically challenging because there was a graduation ceremony at Washington State University this weekend, meaning we were put up at a hotel in Lewiston, Idaho...convenient for the Clarkston concert, not so much for the Pullman-Moscow rehearsals and concerts.  This meant much criss-crossing of the Palouse, and surprisingly little deer sighting.  I kind of figured with my hunting season over, I would see somewhere around 1200 deer.

I left my house at 2 on Friday, and didn't get home until 8 Sunday, making for a long weekend.  So long in fact, that I had put in a month ago to take Monday off from work.  Good choice.  Other than the length of the weekend, and the fact that I didn't get to see my wife and kids for two days...it wasn't bad.  Both shows went pretty good.  It's always tough to tell from the choir's perspective...you are standing behind the symphony, and so you are lucky if you can hear the 4 or 5 people standing around you...let alone the finished product in the audience. 

Of course, I can't go on a road trip like that without using yelp to plan my meals two weeks in advance. The only real negative thing food/drink wise about my trip was that our rehearsal Saturday morning, less than 12 hours after the last rehearsal, was not good.  There was a lot of vocal fatigue, and with a concert 6 hour away, our choir director begged and pleaded with us to take it easy on our throats, and specifically directed that we not drink any alcohol with out lunches/early dinners.  That made my planned trip to Paradise Creek Brewery for lunch a little less festive than I had hoped it would be.  It did give me an excuse to buy a new growler and get it filled with some Stovepipe Scottish...and, yeah, I might have had a small (16-ounce) taste of it before deciding to get my growler filled...but, they had 8 of their beers on tap...and I limited myself to one.  THAT is dedication and sacrifice.

I also greatly enjoyed a dinner at CD's Smoke Pit in Moscow(pulled pork and brisket platter) and then some fine chicken fried steak and eggs at Hazel's in Clarkston.  It was a very kitschy place that I will need to take my wife and kids to at some point.

Tomorrow it's back to work...got a whole 5 work days left before Christmas.

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  1. That's my old stompin' grounds. My parents still live just across the river, in Lewiston, and I went to college in Moscow, once upon a time.