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The haul.

Gonna be catching up on Christmas related posts for the next few days. 

The Christmas haul was a little bit light for me this year, mostly because in the weeks before Christmas I decided to make good on a promise to get my wife a new couch in the living room, and we got a membership to one of the local health clubs. 

The cats seem to approve of the new couch, so I guess it was money well spent.  The only negative with the couch is that to be able to afford it, I removed my big gift off my wish list.  While I was out hunting alone this year, I kept thinking about what a pain in the butt it would be to pack out an animal by myself, especially without a proper backpack. Luckily(unluckily) I never had to worry about packing anything out...but it did cause me to list a nice external frame on my Christmas list.  However...since a NICE pack starts at around $200...well, I figured it could wait. 

What did I get?  A nice new beard/grooming set, some comfy lounging pants, new slippers and a Serenity T-Shirt and socks in the personal comfort department.  In the outdoorsy/useful tool department, I got a nice new Kershaw Select Fire(not open assisted, but easy to open one handed) and a new 180 lumen compact flashlight.  Once upon a time, I told my wife if she was ever in doubt, a man could never have enough knives or flashlights. Good to see that lesson sunk in.

The day after Christmas, a planned visit to my dad's house brought us within close proximity of a Cabela's...and it seemed a dang shame not to stop.  We didn't buy much, but I did pick up something from my Christmas list that my hadn't been able to decipher...a set of reactive ground targets for use with my Gamo air rifle.  I hadn't been using my air rifle much in my backyard, because I had been too busy/lazy to research the legality of back-yard use.  I did finally do that before Christmas, and basically, as long as you take a precaution to prevent the pellets from leaving your yard, you are legal.  My plan it to get a sheet of MDF to use as back stop behind my reactive target...and I am hoping to get a lot of practice in in the coming year. 

Every little bit helps.

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