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I wouldn't mind, if...

I really wouldn't have a problem with 24 hour Christmas music stations if 50% of the music didn't just plain suck ass.  Do I really need to hear Billy Idol's 'Christmas Love'(yes, THAT Billy Idol has a Christmas Song) three times in a week?  Nope.

But, I did get to hear a song that was new to me at least this week, and man, did I love it.

The thing is...that video is from 1998.  How does something this epic float around for 16 years before I get to hear it?  Thank gosh for the internet machine, and Bless Mr. Gore for inventing it.

As a singer, I am hear to tell you that that is one of the most challenging pieces that I have heard in a long time.  Your ear, and your sense of timing have to be spot on.  Something like that is very easy to perform badly. 

Since this group was founded at Indiana University, this is just another secret, like lamb bacon, that those fine folks in Hoosierville have been hiding from the rest of us.

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  1. Thats awesome.

    When I was in college I sang every year for a scholarship as part of the Chamber Singers. We did a "fun" little piece, using nursery rhymes, with a very similar concept. Yup. It was a massive pain to learn and keep straight. Fun to sing though once we got it straight.