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It's gotta be the fanfare...

Unless you were living under a rock, or you don't like Star Wars(and I know we don't have any of those commie pink-o types around these parts), then you probably already knew that the first trailer for the 'post George Lucas now owned by Disney' Era Star Wars movies came out last week.


It's short enough that it qualifies more as a 'teaser' than a full length trailer...but the good news is...they didn't mess it up, yet.  Then again, as folks are wont to point out, the trailers for all the prequel movies looked good when they first came out too.

I mean, there are only about 6 scenes...but who ever threw this trailer together knew what they were doing. Menacing voice-over, scenes of sand, and the a helmet-less Storm Trooper.  Quick shot of a cool soccer-ball droid, and some Storm Troopers looking like they are getting ready to do a combat drop.  Okay...a neat 'speeder' zooming away making Harley noises...and then some bad-ass X-wing fighters doing some nap of the Earth flying over a lake, followed by a dark scene in the woods with a sweet looking 'claymore' style light saber....and then...it happens.  You get a quick shot of blank screen, and boy, they hit you right in the gonads...oh, just watch it yourself!  You can jump to 58 seconds if you don't want the full 'build-up' effect.

Oh...John Williams...you the man.  I hope and pray that 200 years from now, he is remembered the same way that we still talk about Brahms and Mozart.  Coming out of the black screen to the F3(rear outside camera view from F-119 Stealth Fighter) of the Millennium Falcon just in time for them to hit you with the opening blasts of the Star Wars Main Theme is genius.  I'm geeky enough to admit it gave me goose bumps the first 17-18 times I watched it.

After the 'not great' movies that the prequels turned out to be, I don't want to get my hopes up...but they make it so hard! 

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