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How is that not on purpose?

The last few years, I have done the majority of my shopping on the internet machine, and then waited patiently for everything to show up in the mail.  For the most part, things show up in great condition.  I'll give major props to Amazon....I've never once even come close to returning something for it showing up in bad condition.  If anything, a lot of time their packaging is overkill. 

Place other than Amazon?  Well...things are not always as perfect, and sometimes I sit waiting with bated breath, for things like this to show up in the mail.

Yeah, it doesn't show up the best in the picture, but that crease about 1/3rd of the way across is a bend...right near the 'Do not bend' request.  Inside is a print that I ordered for my new Step-Father from e-bay.

Luckily...the print inside was not creased.  I don't think I can place any blame on the folks I ordered it from...the print was between two pieces of cardboard, a they  wrote 'do not bend' on it. 

Ah, the holidays.

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