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Crafts, and a floor show!

Desperate for something to do with the family today so we didn't just sit around the house and stare at each other all weekend, I threw a Hail Mary, and we headed to the neighboring town of Kennewick to check out the Holiday Craft Bazaar at Sandollar Farms and Alpacas.

It's a cute little place...not big, probably somewhere between 5 and 10 acres, with 30+ alpacas, and goats, and chickens, and bees.  What's always interesting is how close it is to 'town'.  Kennewick is kind of a spread out place, with two or three population/shopping centers, and it's less than 2 miles from some fairly built up areas to acreage properties zoned for agriculture.  In reality, it's a bunch of older grand-fathered properties...but good for them. 

The Bazaar was...interesting.  Alpaca farming is not rare around these parts...I can think of 8-10 alpaca ranches in the surrounding 20 miles, so other farmers were there, peddling their wares.  My wife bought a skein of nice alpaca yarn, and I was quiet taken by a pair of socks I just couldn't bring myself to spend $22 on.  My wife also made contact with one of the farmer/salesmen who was looking for people that do fiber arts to make things for sale.  She basically provides you with the raw material to make hats, scarf's or mittens, and then pays you with additional yarn for your time...a very good deal for someone like my wife.

You could also walk around the farm and check out the alpacas...but we hadn't gone 10 feet from the car when my wife and I spotted this.

They aren't wrestling.  And yes...it's nature...still it's hard not laugh when your daughter asks you 'Daddy...is that what mating looks like?'

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