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Hmmm...now that's an unfamiliar feeling.

For Christmas, the big thing my wife put on her Christmas list was the desire to either get a new treadmill, OR a membership to one of the local health clubs.  I've bought home work out gear before...and the fact is, unless you can afford to drop $2000, you aren't going to be happy.  When we paid $500 for an elliptical, I didn't think that we were being cheapskates...but, all those little things that slightly annoy you build up in a hurry, and then you have a $500 clothes hanger.  So...I knew the answer to this one, especially after pricing up Columbia Basin Racquet Club.  I mean, I don't know what a health club should cost...but I wasn't offended by the price.  It helped that they were having a Black Friday discount for new members.

Anyway...I understand the whole 'Christmas Present' thing...but to me it didn't make sense to pay for something like a health club membership, and not start using it...especially during this dangerous eating season between Thanksgiving and Christmas...so, I gave the membership cards to my wife as an early present.  Oh...and I kept mine, which I finally used this weekend.

Now, I am sore, and tight.  Nothing like going to the gym to make you realize just how much you have let yourself go.  Oh...it's not like I haven't been sore before...or even recently.  Days two and three of hunting season were pretty rough.  It's just that going to the gym and using actual exercise equipment allows you to focus on muscles that you kind of forgot you had...and it makes you sore in places that you forgot you could be sore. 

Well, now due to rehearsals the next few nights, I have a few days to loosen up before I go back to the gym...which is actually tougher, because the longer I wait to go back, the tougher it is to go back.

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