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Can't believe I forgot to brag!

So, with our cycle of Handel's Messiah wrapping up, I've had a whole 48 hours now where I haven't had to worry about learning new music. 

That period is now at an end because tonight we had our first meeting for Mid-Columbia's Musical Theatre's production of 'Cats'. 

Yeah...that 'Cats'...Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical about singing, DANCING cats.  Singing, YAY.  Dancing...not so much.  I'm not 100% unathletic...but smooth, stylized, RYTHMIC movements are not my strong point. Neither is wearing tight, clingy unitards. 

There are a few roles with reduced amounts of movement...and luckily, I nailed my audition, and landed one of those roles.  I'll be playing Bustopher Jones. 

I'm excited.  I had more stage time during our production of Les Miserables...but in this those show I have an actual feature roll...two of them in fact because I also will be singing the roll of Gus, the theatre cat, which is a very different part from the one above. 

We get to ease into things...the show is for two weekend in April, and we start slow with only two rehearsals a week through January.  We are expected to start learning music over the Holidays...so I hope my wife and kids enjoy listening to my 'Cat's CD as we go on Christmas visits.

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