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Hard to argue against.

Kate Upton Named People's Sexiest Woman Alive

Hey...far be it from me to play devil's advocate on this one. 

photo from www.entertainmentwise.com

I stand by the fact that I don't even really like blondes...or rather, I like red heads and brunette's better than blondes...but with Kate...it works.  Her build is amazing...and healthy.  I'm not a big fan of the 'visible collar bones/sternum' look...I'll take a Kate Upton or Christina Hendrik's any day of the week over one of those skin and bone runway models.

In her case...it's not just the hair, or the ummm...assets. Or the skin...many women have those to one extant or another.  For me it's the smile.  Man...she ALWAYS looks like she is having a good time.  As someone who occasionally ends up in moods of melancholy, I need a lady with a nice smile...she kind of reminds me of my own Mrs. that way...

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