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Well, there is your problem.

Earlier in the week, I brought my truck into the shop because the engine trouble light had came on...and I really didn't want to go hunting with some identified problem with my truck(turned out to be a catalytic converter temperature issue...need to let the truck warm up a bit more before driving). 

Luckily, while we decided a few weeks ago to sell our old Subaru, we haven't actually done much yet, so we have an installed spare I could drive to work for a day or two.

The only problem...car didn't want to start.  Heck...not only did the car not want to start, nothing came on.  Not unexpected...it's been sitting for about 3 months.

When I popped the hood, this is what I found.

Hmmmmm.  When I was in the Navy, we used to learn about a 'protective oxide layer' that would form on piping.  I don't think this is what they were describing.
After jumping it, the car idled fine for about 15 minutes, and I then drive it around the block to make sure a cylinder didn't shoot through the hood or anything, and let it run some more.
The next morning, it was dead again...but, at least the lights came on this time.  Another jump, and I was off to work. 
If you don't have a portable self-contained 'jumper pack', I don't recommend this course of action...but I do!  So, it all worked out.  Once jumped, the car ran...well not fine, but it ran enough to get me the 35 miles to and from work...which makes me feel much less bad if I end up selling the car to someone I know. 
This doesn't mean I'm not going to replace the battery at the earliest convenience.  I think it would be easier to sell the car without acid flaking off onto the ground. 

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