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The perfect mistake

So...I had a plan.  I had two goals, and a plan to accomplish both goals.

Goal One: With the start of deer season two weeks away, I wanted to make one last scouting trip up to Umtanum Ridge.  Given some recent weather changes(lows down near 40!) I figured there was more chance of starting to see animals moving around then a few weeks ago.

Goal Two: I am trying to sell a gun I don't use much to someone that I work with.  The issue is he lives in Grandview, which is 45 minutes from my place, in the total opposite direction...so it's been tough for us to meet.  Working out at Hanford, it's not like I can just bring the gun to work and meet do the deal there...not a good career move.

With this being my first Friday off on our new schedule, the stars seemed aligned.  I would wake up early enough to make it Umtanum Ridge for the sunrise, and do some glassing and walking for a bit.  On the way home I would swing through Grandview, and meet my co-worker between 12-1.  Pencil it it...ready, break.

There I am...4:45 this morning, bombing along on I-82 west towards Yakima, when I get that 'You left the stove/oven' feeling, like I forgot something.  Finally, the feeling got strong enough that I pulled over to look through the truck.  Back pack?  Check.  Binoculars/Spotting Scope/GPS?  Check.  GAMO Whisper?  Yup, got that.  Spare clothes to change in to for visiting wineries/breweries on the way home?  Growler?  Check and Check.

The gun I am supposed to be selling?  Hmmmm...that might still be down in the gun safe still.

Grrrrr.  There were two things to do...forget about the gun for now, and call my scouting trip off early enough I can make it home in time to grab the gun, and then double back to Grandview to meet my buddy, OR turn right back around now to get the gun, setting me back an hour?

I made the 2nd choice.  The first way I would have added over two hours of driving to The Plan.  The 2nd choice meant I would miss the sunrise, but...okay.

But of course, things never take as long as you think they should, and by the time I got home and turned around, it was going to be almost 8 by the time I go back up to Umtanum Ridge.  Way past sunrise, and almost not leaving me enough time to get much hiking before I had to meet my buddy.

Instead...I made waffles.  And oh my, were they good.

As I am still looking to use up some rolled oats around the house, I tried this recipe from my hero, Alton Brown: Toasted Oat Waffles

Because it's an Alton Brown recipe, there are some things that appear to go above and beyond, like toasting your rolled oats before processing them into flour.  My wife took one bite and said that they were the best waffles she had ever had.  Very light, and savory and...yum. 

They will be made again. 

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