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Stupid wild life experts.


I keep trying to tell myself that it doesn't matter.  That while it was technically deer season this weekend, I was going out to scout for elk season...deer was more a target of opportunity. 

Then I kept seeing those targets of opportunities. 

This might not sound like a lot for whitetail hunters who are out working over feeders or nicely groomed food plots...but I saw 12 deer before 0930 Saturday morning...and 5 of them were bucks.  They just weren't bucks with the correct number of antler points.  The area I am hunting in has a 3-point minimum for legal bucks...so I saw 4 fork horns and 1 spike.  A few of them would have taken some work on my part to get closer...but two of them would have been fairly realistic shots. 

So...instead of being home in my bed Saturday night...I had to camp out.

It wasn't bad...the weather was perfect for camping...not so perfect for hunting.  Overnight lows right around 50...highs right around 80.  Made for sweaty afternoon's humping the hills.

Action slowed down as the weekend went on...but the bad news is I still haven't seen any elk. 

The good news, when I go up Friday, the last two days of deer season ovelap with the first two days of elk season...so...positive thoughts...positive thoughts. 

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