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I'm there.

Less than two minutes of 'leaked' test footage is all it has taken to finally break free one of the most highly anticipated(to me at least) comic book movies of recent memory. 

A lot of folks had high hopes when it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would be playing Wade Wilson(Deadpool) in 2009's Wolverine: Origins. 

To call the reality a letdown is kind of an understatement.

THAT is not Deadpool.

This?  This is Deadpool.

There is a lot of debate about just how much of a leak this release of the test footage was.  A 'Deadpool' movie staring Ryan Reynolds has been floating around Hollywood for nearly a decade...and if this footage was released as an intentional accident to gauge interest in the project, it was a rousing success. I'm not sure a 'Deadpool' movie will quite the impact of a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' flick, but if they are able to make it for $40-50 Million, it will make it's money back. 

Anyway...for now, Deadpool has been given a February 2016 release date.  Might be a good Valentines Day date!

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