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That's one fancy club...

So, not to ridicule or revel in the pain of others, but I had a HUGE 'Better you than me' moment at the gun range this weekend.

A gentleman was there playing with a 'new to him' toy...and I'll admit, I felt a small pang of jealousy looking at him.

The bolt said Savage, and I want to say that I overheard the gentleman telling someone else that he had just bought the whole setup used, at something north of $2500(no idea what brand scope it is).  It would take at least three of my most expensive guns to cross that value.

The jealousy didn't last though...because this poor gentleman had 'An Issue'.  The 2nd time he pulled the trigger on his new gun, and worked the bolt back...this is what came out of the gun.

THAT is the last half-inch or so of a .338 Lapua Magnum shell.  The rest of the cartridge remained ever so firmly seated inside the chamber of the rifle.

Wow...what a bad, bad situation.  The owner of the rifle said that nothing sounded/felt different between the first round he fired, and this second round that he fired, and he didn't think anything was wrong until he pulled the bolt back.

You might not be able to tell from my cell phone picture...but that is one clean shear.

The lesson here is that if you buy a used rifle from someone, and he throws in 2 boxes of ammo he reloaded himself...it might be okay to dump that ammo someone else loaded, and just buy some fresh ammo...especially if you have already spent $2500+ for the gun. 

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