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She's getting better.

Took advantage of the beautiful late summer weather(80 and a light breeze) to take my daughter to the gun range.  We are 6 weeks out from the start of deer season for her...and I will be doing my own muzzleloader hunting for over two weeks of that. 

Yesterday's main focus was getting my daughter some practice time with the Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Deluxe Trigger Stick Tripod a buddy of mine is letting me borrow.  That is a mouthful...from here on out, it will be 'the tripod' 

The tripod was taller than I remember it being.  I mean, I knew when my buddy showed me it that it got tall enough to use as a walking stick/standing tripod...but I could have sworn it collapsed enough to use it sitting also.  Not so much...so, we are kind of back to square one on technique while sitting...which just might mean we need to stand the whole time.

The shooting stick/tripod was a great tool to use from the standing position.  It's possible that since my buddy is letting me borrow it, that it might end up going elk hunting with me...so I can get used to it. 

What really impressed me with my daughter yesterday was her proficiency with our Walther P22.  She has used the gun before...but yesterday she was actually shooting accurately with it...I mean, not 'groups'...but repeatable results!  And everything on paper! 

I also introduced her to another new gun today...our Firestorm .380.  She was not quite as enamored of that one as she was the Walther P22.  I had warned her that even though the guns were close to the same size, the recoil was different...but she was still surprised by the 'snapiness' her first few shots.  However, she made it through one magazine, and politely declined the offer to try more.
I'm hoping to have one more chance to get her to the range before the season starts.  So far, we have been using an inexpensive .243 for getting her used to the gun and getting it sighted in...I would like to upgrade to something...premium.  Everything I have read says that with a 1:10 twist rate, I will need to stay lighter in the bullet spectrum...95gr-100gr bullet have trouble stabilizing. 
This Hornady Custom Lite Ammo with an 87gr bullet is getting really good reviews, and looks promising. 

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