Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


It's all fun and games...

Mom and dad are out of town...let's throw a party!  What could possibly go wrong!

Home-alone teen calls police on his own party

Hey...who hasn't been there?  Things become teen-movie clich√©'s because they really happen at some point. 

Kid decides he wants to be cool, so he invites 'a few friends' over while mom and dad are gone, and soon you have the local college kids crashing the party, and things are out of control.

Calling in the police is actually probably the best move he could make...even if it will hurt his social standing at school.  What else is he going to do?  I mean...the two extremes are using a weapon of some sort to chase folks out(and it sounds like he is way out numbered), or he crawls into his room and curls up in a ball under his sheets until everyone leaves.

The only thing I might have done different is I would have pretended to be a neighbor, or at least have asked the responding police to pretend a neighbor called it in, instead of setting myself out as the rat. 

Then again, I'm sneaky like that.

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