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My new toy/tool.

Hunting is not a cheap hobby.  Very few people can afford to buy everything you need(or want) all once.  If you can afford to outfit yourself to your hearts desire in your first year...well, God Bless You...and, would you like a new hunting partner? 

As for me...I'm the type who is lucky to be able to buy one or two new things each year.  This year, I decided to use my birthday back in May to speak to one of my co-workers about buying a hoist for the back of my truck.  For the past few years, I have been borrowing one from one of my friends, and I decided it was useful enough to finally get one for myself. 

Since each one is basically a custom build, there are some differences in each model.

I'm hoping I get a chance to try my new one out here in the next week or two.  It's not just useful for getting animals in the back of the truck.  Given the relative lack of trees in Eastern Washington, it's nice to have an 'instant skinning tree' in the bed of your truck.

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