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Guess I should have cut my nails.

Took a quick trip to the gun range with my daughter this morning.  I had recently bought some new ammo(Hornady's Custom Lite .243) that I wanted to try my daughter with...and the results are pleasing.  Whether it is the actual lighter recoil, the psychological results of an advertised lighter recoil, OR the lighter, easier to stabilize bullets out of her 'youth' sized barrel...her accuracy was noticeably better today.  Heck she put three shots on target that could be called a group! 

She also got some more practice time with the shooting sticks I am borrowing for her. 

Because I wanted to get home and watch some football, I only brought two guns to distract myself while we gave the .243's barrel time to cool...my Taurus Snubbie in .32 H&R Magnum, and my Marlin lever-action .357.  Without a doubt, my lever-action is my favorite gun in my collection...but nothing is perfect, and I have a love-hate relationship with that loading gate...

Gosh, I am such a wimp.

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