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It was for a good cause!

Last night, my wife and I took advantage of my mother-in-law visiting from Connecticut to stick her with the kids and head out for a date night. 

In the mood for something a little fancier, we had bought tickets to go to the Cuisine De Vin Fundraiser for the Children's Developmental Center, being hosted at Terra Blanca Estate Winery.

It was a surprisingly good time, and we got to act like grown-ups.  The big attraction for me(other than my wife) was, well...food, and wine.  15 local restaurants came in and set up tables serving up their one or two tasty bite options at each table...with each tasty bite being paired up with a suitable wine. 

Because I am not possessed of the most sophisticated palate, a few things missed me(not a huge mushroom or onion fan), like a salmon ceviche that my wife loved.  However, what I liked, I really liked.  There was one table serving a Smoked Pork Belly Taco with Mango Chutney, and then another one doing a  BBQ Pulled Pork on Cheddar/Jalapeno Flatbread.  My wife's favorite was a smoked salmon salad, which I admit, was pretty good...but, not as good as smoked pork belly. 

The wines were all excellent....and there is no way I can remember every type we had, or try to pick a favorite.

Because it's a fundraiser, there were lots of way's to separate people from their money, most of which gave you the opportunity to actually take things home, like a few silent raffle tables, and 'Mystery Wine' table, where you paid $25, and got to pick off a foil wrapped 'mystery' bottle of wine.  My wife and I picked up one mystery bottle(turned out to be a Smasne Cellars Gravel Bar Red Blend...looking forward to trying it), and then my wife and I learned a lesson about communication, when we won TWO different silent auctions! 

On the left, we got a new smaller wine rack, and 6 bottles of wine.  On the right, a gift basket with 2 bottles of wine, and a few gift cards for dinners. and flowers.  Luckily, we got outbid on a 3rd auction item...might have had to come home and start sticking things away for Christmas gifts.

I certainly had a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when we got home.  Whether that was due to the wine, the food, my date, or donating money to a good cause, I'm not sure.

I just know my liver can't afford much more 'doing good'. 

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