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Slow Monday to start the week.  All I've really got is that for dinner last night, I finally got a chance to cook up two packages of venison steaks from my deer, with sweet potatoes and zuchini corn friters(just some jiffy mix with an egg and a cup or so of shredded zucchini added in and cooked like pancakes) on the side.  I'm not one of those folks who does much special for venison....just dredged it in some flour, threw on some seasoned salt and garlic salt, and seared it in a skillet with almost smoking oil

She may not have been big, but she is tender, and quite tasty.  My mother-in-law, in from Connecticut was a little unsure at first, but went back for 2nds.  The only one not impressed was my younger daughter, who is convinced she doesn't like pink meat...so she then complained that the dry, grey lumps I gave her were too chewy.

Oh well, just means more for me.

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