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Why sad songs are sad.

Looks like Sunday might turn into my 'sad country song' day.  This weeks song is another 'older'(Mid 90's) one, by Sawyer Brown.

It's sad because...this is how it usually happens in the real world.  No big knock down, drag out fights...just two people kind of drifting apart, and not sure why it happened.  This is the kins of scenario that worries me...not because I really think it will happen, but because NO ONE ever thinks it will happen.  I'm probably hopelessly old fashioned, but a refuse to believe a statistically significant number of folks go into marriage planning to break each others hearts someday. 

Now, because we want to leave folks happy around here, how's about some more Sawyer Brown, performing what is one of the better remakes out there.  For the life of me, I can't figure out why Sawyer Brown wasn't bigger.  I mean, they had success, but, they were good...they should have been HUGE.  Not the best quality video, but it's what I could find. 

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