Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Opening Day

After my daughters Birthday Breakfast yesterday, it was time to finalize packing up the truck to head up to elk camp. The amount of stuff needed(desired) to head up into the hills for a week is different than what is needed to go spend a weekend staying in a motel to go deer hunting. I'm not even 100% loaded yet. On the way out of town I need to stop for gas(both the truck and fuel cans to keep the generators running), propane, and then meat to fill the coolers at Wal-Mart. I'm almost thinking I might just hit the Wal-Mart in Yakima instead of Tri-Cities. By that point I will have remembered the 2 or 3 other things I have forgotten, so I will need to stop anyways.

One of the good things about working at Hanford vs PSNS(and there are 1 or 2) if that elk camp is only 2 hours away instead of 5 hours. I'm slightly less terrified of the consequences of leaving something at home than I used to be. I kind of figure as long as I get up there with my muzzle loader, my tag, and a spare pair of underwear in my back-pocket, I can make it through opening morning before running the 45 minutes into town for what I forgot. Not ideal with gas at $4+ a gallon, but, recovery is possible.

With any luck, I've already got an elk down, and I will be home in time to watch the Patriots play on Sunday.  There is a chance though, that I will be up there until next Saturday.  Either way, I did a poor job of planning ahead with real lack of saved posts, so...I guess I'll see you folks in a week!

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  1. Don't bother with that nasty old backstrap meat.

    Just toss it out. Or, better yet, send it to me to be tossed out. I'll pay postage.

    Good luck, and have fun.