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Those are not Pringles.

The freezer being quite full of shredded frozen zucchini, we had to look for something else to do with the last few zucchini to come out of our garden.  Neither of us being up for canning, my wife and I decided that dehydrating was the way to go. 
We went pretty conventional on the first three trays of zucchini...cubed it, blanched it, and put it on the dehydrator.  The next three trays, I assumed responsibility for getting a little goofy.  I had read a few things on the internet about people just slicing their zucchini and making 'zucchini chips'.  You just slice them, season them various ways, and then dehydrate them until they are crispy.  When done, you can pop them like potato chips. 
Not so much.  I did one tray with salt, one tray with cracked black pepper and garlic salt, and the last tray with apple pie spice...figured I would cover the whole range of flavors. 
I was not impressed.  My wife was not impressed.  My kids were not impressed. 
We were SO unimpressed, we put them in the trash can.  You win some and you lose some.  The only good news is that it seems like the normal dehydrated zucchini came out okay, so we vacuum sealed that and put it in the pantry.  It will be added to various soups and spaghetti sauces in the future.  

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