Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Last dying gasps.

While I was off chasing that which does not exist in the woods, my wife, she was not exactly idle.  She had to spend the weekend at Mommy and Me Girl Scout Camp, and then she came home for a day and a half before driving 4+ hours to my moms for a few days of visiting and helping my mom pack for a move.

During that day and a half pit stop at the house, she was rushed to get caught up on laundry and take care of the cats...but she still had enough time to check the weather and realize that the with freezing temperatures coming, drastic measures had to be taken in the garden.  Springing into action, she grabbed a storage tote and pulled everything looking even remotely viable off the plants, and not a moment too soon, because when we got home Friday, the garden looked like this:

Before things reached that point, my wife's quick thinking and deliberate action saved:
9 pounds of zucchini
2 pounds each of ripe and green cherry tomatoes
10 pounds of green tomatoes. 
All that was left for me to do when I got home was bring in the 50 pounds of hubbard squash that were curing in the yard.
The hubbards just went into the garage.  With the cool, dry conditions in there, they should be good to play with for the next 4 months.  The green tomatoes are the one thing I am perplexed by.  I guess we can finally try fried green tomatoes....but other than that, my two main course of action appear to be keeping them dry in a box to see if the ripen in the garage OR I've seen some folks that say they make spaghetti sauce with 10% red, 90% green tomatoes. 
I'm sure I'll end up hedging my bets by placing some in the garage to ripen, and then doing spaghetti sauce with the other half. 



  1. My mom used to pickle the small green tomatoes.
    Green tomatoes are also good mixed in with ripe ones when making pico de gallo and relish.
    While I was growing up my mom also used to make a dish she used to make when living in Mexico as a small girl. She would saute green tomatoes, chiles, and onions in a bit of bacon fat, then sprinkle some cheese, salt and pepper, and a bit of cumin on it. We used to put it in tortillas with a bit of meat (hamburger, pork, chicken, etc).

  2. Wow! that's a huge squash I've ever seen. I hope there's somewhere here in my place.