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A find!

One of the books I often see on 'preparedness library' lists is an older copy of the Boy Scout Fieldbook.  Since it's tough to find older Boy Scouts who still have copies of their fieldbooks, it's a matter of keeping your eyes open.

Today was my lucky day.  One of the local used book stores was having a $1 sale...clearing excess inventory to finance more shelves.  After selecting a few books with my daughters, and not finding anything I wanted on the sci-fi table, I swung over to the non-fiction table, and there it was...a 1979 Boy Scouts of America Fieldbook. 

Now, I hate to say that 1979 is OLD, but it appears to be old enough.  I've just flipped through it real quick, but it appears to be chock full of all kinds of things to make living outdoors less lame.  It certainly looks like a resource that will live up to it's reputation. 

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