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Well, that's not THAT big of a number...

Recently, I was listening to one of Toby Keith’s newer songs, ‘Beers Ago’. The hook in the song is how times have changed, and things were different ‘1462 bears ago’.

That got me thinking…just how long is 1462 beers ago? Obviously, it’s going to be different for different folks…but let’s try a rough estimate.
IF I didn’t start drinking until I was 21(Not true, but in case my kids read this someday, we want dad to look pure as the driven snow, that is 16.5 years of legal drinking, or roughly 6022 days. That means to have reach 1462 beer, It would be 1 beer every 4 days.
Now, this is not true now…but there was a time when a Sunday watching football meant 8-12 beers. Figure in another 2-4 during Monday night football, and then 2-4 watching college football on Saturdays, and we are looking at a conservative estimate of 240 beers over the 20 weeks of televised football. And that’s rounding down to avoid looking like a total lush. In that case, it’s a hair over 6 FOOTBALL seasons to get to 1462…and that’s if I didn’t drink any other beer the rest of the year.
Did I mention I used to be a sailor, and some points, I attempted to live out the stereotypical life expected of a sailor? Hell, there was one underway we spent 3 weeks going in and out of Port Canaveral, Florida for three weeks doing weapons testing…I’m sure I was good for 80-100 beers during THAT port call alone.
At that rate, I think Toby Keith must have written this song when he was about 25 or 26 years old…

I just know if I was writing that song now, I'd have to find something that rhymes with 4500 beers ago..


  1. Who needs food?

    There's a sandwich worth of calories in every can.

  2. Liquid Bread. And I've unfortunetaly got the belly to prove it.