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How far back do you go?

It's not in my district, so I didn't see this story as soon as it broke, but last Friday, The Western Center for Journalism(Informing an Equipping Americans who Love Freedom.) revealed that back in 1995, during her junior year at Yale, Amy Biviano, who is running for State Representative in one of Spokane's districts, posed for pictures in Playboys 'Girls of the Ivy League' pictorial. 

I haven't linked to the Western Center for Journalism, because I don't think I like them...very negative slant towards most things on their website.  Instead, here is a link to the Spokane Spokesman's developing story.  According to the article, the campaign of the guy she is running against said that they have known about this appearance in Playboy all along, and decided it wasn't a campaign issue, and that is the official position.  Whether someone took it upon themselves to unofficially give out that info doesn't matter...the cat is out of the bag.

The question is...does it matter?  Ever since 'I did not inhale' we have had to face the fact that we now live in a time in which our politicians were crazy college kids, once upon a time.  Now, you kind of need to look at these 'startling revelations and weigh them against your own scale of judgement, which can be looked at two separate ways: Your own personal 'statute of limitations' and 'Does what they did offend you?'

In the interests of research, I went out on the internet machine and looked for the pictorial in question, which ended up being one picture, for which Mrs. Biviano nee Nabors earned less than 500 dollars.  Chances are, based on the fact that this pictorial came out when I was a 20 year old submarine sailor, this isn't the first time I saw this picture.  It's pretty typical for Playboy.  She was an attractive young lady, and still is, which is neither here nor there. 

The fact remains that I am not offended by her appearance in Playboy.  I know next to nothing about her platform, but IF I had decided to vote for her, this would not change my mind.  Heck...if she did it two years ago in a pictorial about former Ivy League moms, it wouldn't change my opinion.  Finding a picture of her fully covered in a KKK outfit would bother me much more than a picture of her bosom showing. 

I think if she was running as a Republican this would hurt her much more than it will since she's running as a Democrat.  We'll have to see how things shake out...not much longer to wait now.

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