Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Sad Songs

It used to be a joke that if you played a country song backwards, you got your wife, your dog, and your truck back.  With the modern generation of country, this doesn't apply very often...they are keepin' it real...and upbeat.  Sad doesn't sell as much anymore.

Being outdated, and finding myself at hunting camp with a limited music selection, I kept coming back to this oldie(feels strange to think of a song that came out in 1993 as OLD, but...) but goodie by Patty Loveless.  It's a great song, which is why I put it one my phone, it's just not one you want popping onto your playlist 3 nights in a row at hunting camp when you haven't seen your wife and kids in a few days.

The only thing that can make it worse, is when you get back to back Patty

I don't mind Miranda Lambert or Carrie Underwood...in fact, I quite enjoy their stuff, but man, they don't make them like Patty or Reba anymore. 


  1. I think my favorite of hers is "That Kind of Girl".

    And she looks great in the video, too.


  2. Why yes, yes she does. I am very convinced that exposure to Patty Loveless and Reba Mcentire during my teenage years shaped what I consider attractive in women to this day...bring on the big red hair!