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An enlightening story out of Snohomish County, that should give hope to all of us about how the culture surrounding DUI's might be changing.

Strike that, it's a frustrating story proving that depending on who you are, you can get away with anything.

Snohomish County judge won't be charged with DUI

If me or thee was pulled over for erratic driving, and then said we only had one beer, while our best friend/witness said it 2 glasses of wine, I'm pretty doubtful they would give us the benefit of the doubt.  Heck, I KNOW they wouldn't....they would nail you to the wall.  But if you and your best friend/witness are judges, who know enough not to TAKE the field sobriety test, well, it's just 'too hard' to get a conviction.

So much for the 'buzzed driving IS drunk driving' commercial.

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