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Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb!

While I was off hunting this weekend(trust me, there are many posts you will have to deal with over the next week breaking down my triumphs and lessons learned), one of our friends came over from the west part of the state to visit, and so my wife could teach her the basics of canning.

All told, my wife and her made up 70 cans of goodness, with one of them failing to seal.  Recipes canned up include Peach Habenero Jam, Plum/Nectarine Jam, Plum/Nectarine and Serano Jam, Apple Sauce, Apple Butter, and Apple Plum Butter.  I have tried some of the plum/nectarine/serano pepper jam, and it's kind of neat.  Not something I would put on bread with peanut butter, but good on a cracker, and maybe excellent with pork. 

While not canners, my friend and her boyfriend ARE brewers, so she brought over a couple of bottles for us to try.  Since my deer harvesting activites kept me out too late the night before, I did some celebrating tonight, trying a Cherry Bomb Sour Cherry Ale, made at Beaver's Bend Brewhouse. 

It's passable, and it might be worth the 4 hour drive to teach pressure canning at their house if the reward is a few more of these.

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