Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


MacGyver, I ain't

Heading back to Richland from visiting my family over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I had to make another 'ATF Special' run, grabbing the remainder of the alcohol, ammunition and ammo that I didn't trust the moving company with.  Packing the alcohol and ammo was simple...more free cardboard boxes from the liquor store.  The long guns required a little more imagination.

When it comes to long guns, I have far more guns than I do transportation cases...about three times as many.  Who needs to bring more than 4 guns to the range at the same time?  My shoulder can't handle that...So...what to do?  Behold...a Gun Burrito! 

Yup...lay out a blue fleece blanket, place the guns on it, roll it up, steal some of your wife's yarn to hold it together, and Bingo...a simple way to minimize the number of trips required to get from my truck, across an ice covered parking lot to my apartment...plus, a lot less alarming to any potential sheeple than me making three trips carrying two guns a trip. 

Fear not...none of the guns transported in this manner were collectors items...

Top to bottom:

NEF Handi-Rifle in .270 that I bought for my wife.  SWMBO doesn't want to admit it, but I believe that it kicks too hard for to be really comfortable with it.

Ruger 10-22, that we bought two years ago for Christmas.

Ted Williams Model 300 Semi-Auto in 20ga.  Basically a Winchester Model 1400 produced and labeled for sale by Sears, back when they sold guns, and the only part of the Sears Catalog more interesting than guns was the underwear section. 

Mossburg Model 500 in 12ga. 

Traditions In-Line Muzzleloader in .50 caliber

Marlin Model 700, .22lr

So...nothing even approaching fancy was at risk of being scratched or scuffed.  But...to say that they are all easily replaced is not doing them justice either.  The NEF was the first center-fire rifle my wife ever tried to shoot.  I purchased it thinking .270 would be a nice middle of the road caliber for my wife if she wanted to go elk or deer hunting...that Handi-rifle was not the best choice though...awfully light for a starter gun.  My wife is a gamer though, and never has complained. 

Likewise, the Ted Williams semi was the first shot-gun my wife had ever shot...she enjoyed it much more than the .270...somewhere on my list of things to do is getting the stock cut down to fit her more properly.

The Marlin Model 700 is probably the least expensive of the guns...but I'm not sure I will ever be able to get rid of it.  It's the first non-BB gun my parents bought for me, and I am looking forward to bringing it to the range with my 8-year old daughter sometime in the near future. 

Gun-Control types don't get that...imagine...actual human emotion tied to the death-dealing lumps of metal. 

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